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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) by Edwards Aquifer Authority

Here’s a link to a December 19, 2011 article in the San Marcos Daily Record by news editor Anita Miller that discusses funding issues related to the recently approved HCP intended to protect endangered and threatened species including Texas Wild Rice, the San Marcos salamander (Eurycea nana), the fountain darter and the Texas Blind Salamander (Eurycea rathbuni) 

Endangered Species at Love Creek Preserve, Bandera County

Here’s a link to a recent article in The Bandera Bulletin by James Henry Frazar about recent bird surveys at The Nature Conservancy’s Love Creek Preserve in North Bandera County. Eurycea salamanders are also present on the preserve, and get a mention near the end of the article:

Vermont Law School Publishes Top 10 Environmental Watch List

“Texas salamander” gets a mention at #9 (Landmark Settlement Under the Endangered Species Act) on the Vermont Law School’s Top 10 Environmental [Law] Watch List 2011-2012: