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NYT/Texas Tribune Report on Drought and Texas Endangered Species

In a January 5, 2012 report, NYT carried a Texas Tribune article by Kate Galbraith entitled, More of State’s Species May Be Endangered, which discusses the current status of several of Texas’ endangered (and petitioned) species.

Austin American-Statesman Reports on Georgetown Salamander.

An October 18, 2011 article from the Austin American Statesman entitled “Salamanders and their federal ‘red tape’ latest to vex Williamson County officials” discusses the impending listing of the Georgetown Salamander (Eurycea naufragia) and includes and interview with biologist and Eurycea researcher Dr. Ben Pierce of Southwestern University. I’m sure we fellow biologists might agree that E. naufragia is more than just red tape!

Biologist Ben Pierce of Southwestern University searches for the Georgetown Salamander (Eurycea naufragia). Photo by Andy Sharp, Austin American-Statesman.

The Georgetown Salamander (Eurycea naufragia). Photo by Andy Sharp, Austin American-Statesman.

Drought seriously affecting aquatic species of the Edwards Plateau.

An article by Betsy Blaney of the Associated Press appeared in the Austin American Statesman yesterday (August 30, 2011) entitled, “State prepares to capture, move endangered Hill Country species if drought worsens” and discusses the impact of the current drought on aquatic species throughout the hill country, including some of the Texas Eurycea, and the development of possible contingency plans should any springs go dry. In related news, an MSNBC photoblog post by Rich Shulman depicts the Texas Blind Salamander (Eurycea rathbuni) and San Marcos Salamander (Eurycea nana).  This follows last Friday’s article in the Statesman on how the drought is affecting the Barton Springs Salamander, Eurycea sosorum.

It’s too bad it takes a severe drought to get Eurycea in the news, but I’m glad they are getting some attention.